Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Face Off Season Finale (SPOILERS)

So, this was it, the final three, Anthony, Wayne and Chris (sorry for the wonky photos, they wouldn't upload how I wanted them too).  So after what I think has been the most talent filled season it's time for that nail biting last episode... and I really think this one delivered as far as tension is concerned.  Now I really want Anthony to win... despite some flubs I thought he has consistently had my favorite make ups.  Though, I have to say that I was really disappointed that Fox didn't make it to the final three because I really felt his makeup, originality and personality were amazing.... but it is what it is.  But who won?  Well...  We'll get to that.

So the final challenge is that each artist has to come up with a "dream thief"  concept for the new Las Vegas show "La Reve: The Dream".  Which is a water show.  Yes.  Their makeups must be able to survive being fully submerged in water.  Yikes.  So each of the final artists gets a team and a theme, coming up with a concept of a hero being chased by a villain that wants to steal something from them.  So, I will go through it all finalist by finalist.

Wayne:  Wayne picks a supernatural theme, choosing Fox and Meagan as his teammates.  Wayne's concept is that a demon is after an angel who is budding wings.  As in most lore, his demon is actually a fallen angel and all he needs are wings to get back to heaven.  The concept is strong and as always with Wayne the sculpt is amazing but time is an issue.  Oh Wayne will you never learn?

Kris:  Kris goes with an ethereal theme, choosing House and Alam as his team.  Kris is immediately plagued by the limitations of this challenge.  He wants to go big and show the judges what he can do, but with the water element he has to scale down.  He also has the least focus as far as a story goes.  He tells the judges that his villain can't dream but his hero can, so the villain wants to steal her dreams.  I didn't really get that, but whatever.

Anthony:  Anthony chooses sinister has his theme, his team being Eric Z... and Autumn... yeah.  Anyway, Anthony's concept is that his villain has had his soul ripped out symbolized by a gaping hole in his chest, while his hero has a beautiful glowing soul at the center of her chest piece.  Anthony has a ton of issues in the work room.  First his hero's face piece comes out all wrong and he literally has to re-sculpt the whole thing.  Then Autumn fucks up his chest piece... but thank God they were able to save it. 

So after three days working, everybody flies off to Vegas and get really awesome hotel suits.  We get the same old application day we always get where everybody says they don't have time and they edit it to look really intense but really everything was fine... except Wayne didn't get to paint a few things (like always) but honestly it wasn't a grievous error.

All three makeups were really awesome.  Here is how I felt about each, these are my reactions as I watched (yeah that's right I typed these out as I watched):

  • Not sure how I feel about Chris's... I love his bad guy but don't feel that his female character is very ethereal, if anything she seemed hard.  The villain has a smooth coolness while the hero is harsh and really bright... I really don't get that choice
  • LOVE Anthony's sinister... BOTH characters looked quite sinister bad and good.  It's obvious they are from the same world and they both kind of creep me out.  Well done!
  • Wayne's looks kind of like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer rip off...  There was something very "I've seen this before" to me, but the sculpture is quite good.

Thankfully, the judges do a pre-water close up of the make ups.  If I had to guess I thought they were most impressed with Anthony, but they only had good comments for everybody.  And then the water... I knew they would be getting wet but I didn't realized the would be FUCKING SLAMMING into it from CRAZY heights.  I couldn't even enjoy what I was seeing because I was holding my breath in terror that a cowl or chest piece would fly off.  Not only do all the makeups stay on, but they look perfect post water.  All three men nailed it

But... in the end their could only be one winner and BOY was it close.  I really had no idea who would win and when the commercial break popped up I nearly died... I just wanted to know... and who was it...


That's right, for once my favorite won!  I am so happy, but really he deserved it!  This season was so full of talent and I really think it was a close call but it's just wonderful that Anthony got it.  Now we have to wait until August to see what the next group has to offer.