Monday, March 11, 2013

Being Human: The Last Broadcast... Literally (Spoilers)

UGGGHHHHHH!  First they take away Fringe, then they give me a shit season of American Horror Story and then... THEN Toby Whithouse has the audacity to end Being Human.  What is a nerd girl to do!  I'm dead, inside I died.  Dead.  I am heartbroken.  In the appropriately named The Last Broadcast we see the end of the Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost trinity forever.  Unless you want to knuckle under and watch the American version... which I will not be doing.  All and all I was hoping for something better, I was more in love with last weeks' episode, but I wasn't prepared for Inception like plot twists going in and now I feel my brain slowly leaking out my ear.  Here's how it goes.

The episode starts with Hal awaking a virtual vampire army being adorable and singing "Puttin' on the Ritz" as seen here:

Bad Hal is back again, and GOD is he hot.  Oh, sorry, no I mean bad... very very bad.  Hal tells his new baby vamps that they are an army against the werewolves.  Of course Tom comes in and ruins the whole thing, killing every new vampire.  This is followed by he and Hal have a most excellent fight, but what of Alex?

Alex, you awesome lovely ghost you.  She can't rent-a-ghost out, so she goes all Kill Bill and digs herself out of her own grave, giving us some great zombie hand as she burst through the ground.  Alex is just in time to stop Hal and Tom from killing each other.  In her own badass way, she tells the warring wolf and vampire that "Shit is getting real" and explains what is happening with Hatch... you know being the devil and all.  Hal explains that there is a ritual, kinda not explaining that it will kill anybody who performs it.  On the way out the door Hal steals a dying vamps blood, because you know he ain't going down with the rest of them.

When they go outside everyone, and I mean everyone is dead.  Suicide after suicide.  And then there is Rook.  Rook who has already had a run in with the devil, who has asked for one last favor.  Rook, who just wanted his MIB or whatever department back, he wasn't expecting a deal with the devil.  Without knowing what the devil has asked of him, Rook is accosted by the Trinity.  He begs them to understand why he did what he did and then he dropps the bomb, the devil has the emergency broadcast codes... now he can whisper in the world's ear.  Hal, Tom and Alex leave Rook to get to the TV station, and Rook, well, he is picked up by the government guy who was shutting his unit down.  All of Rook's dreams have come true.

At the station, whoever isn't dead is zombie-fied by the devil who has already starting his broadcast.  It's a bit we've heard before, about why the devil exists, why God made us, just with a Being Human spin, saying that even without the devil, humans were able to do bad all by themselves.
But before he could whisper to the world, Hal, Alex and Tom come to interrupt him.  He pauses his broadcast with some classic Being Human and humor we get a "We will be back in a moment" message with somebody making some pottery.  Love it.

Before the ritual can be done, the Devil sends each of them to a moment in time that could change everything.  Hal ends up back to the day he was turned, the ghost of his werewolf friend Leo haunting him.  Alex is alive on the day of her date with Hal, just hours before she dies, with her dear father.  And Tom... Tom is the most difficult of all.  The devil shows Tom with an origami wolf what's missing from the picture.  The wolf.  Not only is Tom's wolf gone represented by nothing but origami, he is married to the adorable Allison who is pregnant with their child:

  But no matter how tempting these alternate lives are, they are not fooled by the devil.  In a last ditch effort the devil tells Tom that Hal isn't using his own blood, but at this point it doesn't matter.  All three of them know that while these worlds are worth while, the real world needs saving.

They end up back at the station, the devil has lost.  Tom calls Hal out for not giving his blood, knowing now that the the ritual will only weaken Hatch.  But it's too late and Alex says fuck it.  She makes Hal promise that the next time the devil gets strength he will defeat him, but before Alex could drink the blood, she drops the glass.  

The devil gets back on the air and is about to give his murderous message, but before he does, the black evilness leaves the body.  Hatch says something in some ancient tongue sounding really scared and confused... and then his brains get blown the fuck all over the wall by Rook.  Well... that was easy.  So, so disappointingly easy.

All goes back to normal, the mass suicide explained away my noxious gas.  Well... that was simple.  Thankfully I noticed there were 15 minutes left and hunkered down for some plot twisting.  Hal, Tom and Alex are back in the house.  Hal gives a lovely little speech about the want to be human is actually the act of being human, and it's touching and sweet.
But, we still have bad Hal and Tom and Alex  have planned to kill him.  Just before the stake goes in to bad Hal's heart, there's a knock at the door.  And that fist behind that knock is Rook, so Hal and Tom parlay.

Rook tells the trio that he has quit his job, but that his government team is back together.  Alex flips out, wanting to kill Rook for the part he played, she screams on and on and stupid me is sitting there annoyed that Rook says nothing because he can't hear Alex.  Boy am I stupid because Hal noticed.  And Rook confesses that he is now the devil.  

Shit get's really real and Rook lets out a scream like a tornado and Alex and Tom convince Hal that they have to do the ritual, and he gives in, adding his blood to Toms and giving it to Alex to drink it down.  The devil leave's Rook in his swarming blackness as Hal, Tom and Alex lay choking on the floor, writhing in pain.    

Hal is able to get control fast enough to tell Rook that he will be possessed again if they don't do something.  Rook finds a stake on the floor and tells him that once the devil re-enters to kill him.  And Hal does.  And all four of them lay dead on the floor and I have tears in my eyes and holy shit, holy shit they did it again everyone is dead.

And then a moan.  And then some movement.  AND THEY ARE ALL OK!  And I am relieved and disappointed at the same time.  And it isn't until they notice Alex is bleeding that they realize she is human again... and Tom finds the wolf gone and Hal... Hal can see his reflection... 
They are human.  Without the devil, they live once again.

Some time has passed by, and they are all still getting used to being alive again.  Alex eats her face off,
and Hal and Tom try to figure out what to do.  It's sweet, Hal obviously loves Alex and she love him back (though we are robbed of more sexy kisses).  The show ends with the three of them settling down on the couch to watch some TV and then it happens.

Inception.  A pan shot:
Mitchell's gloves.. Oh!  George's medal, Annie's Tea cup...
Nina's scan... Eve's bib...Hal's domino
The origami wolf the devil made Tom

Fuck.  My.  Life.  They did die.  And their heaven is happy together.

At least that's my interpretation.  Because this show has been brave since minute one and the only way for them to go out is with their deaths.

I'm happy with the way the show ended, but I truly believe that this show had life in it yet!  They could have had many more seasons... but we get six last episodes...  At least they were six great episodes, with great plots and a great cast.  I am disappointed that we didn't see the original three at all, I was hoping against hope that we would see Annie, George and Mitchell but no such luck... at least they were mentioned.

Well RIP Being Human, you gave me a ton of joy and tears and I will cherish the time we had.