Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Face Off... Double Elimination!!! (spoilers)

Oh man, I hate double elimination challenges because it panics the contestant and you tend to have this worst  looks, but after the crap we saw in last week's werewolf challenge it can't get worse.  This week's elimination challenge is to create an undiscovered creature from any of the Earth's natural settings.  The twist is that the contestants must use iridescent paint to create something completely different under a black light.

The episode started out Megan getting really sick, so sick in fact that she has to go to the hospital.  Megan's work hasn't been up to snuff, she never actually comes up with a concept for any of her makeups.  She just sort of says, oh this looks cool, and then when the judges ask her "why" she looks scared and confused.

Now, I got kind of nervous because it seemed that most everybody was doing an undersea creature.  With the exception of Megan with her venus fly trap rock thing and Eric Z with his... rock thing every other person went for an undersea look.  I guess it makes sense, most undiscovered creatures are in the oceans, but still it could be good to take a risk now and then.  Everybody seems to be doing well with their sculpts except, uh oh Eric F. may have taken on too much.  Again.  No matter how many times the judges tell him to chillax, he just can't!  And in his rush to get his molds done he doesnt test the illuminated paint.  THAT'S THIS WHOLE CHALLENGE!

On application day it seemed that House and Wade struggled the most, House's mold not coming out cleanly and Wade not getting his pieces on fast enough.  Wade just barely gets any of the bioluminescence on his character.  But I while watching I was most worried for Eric Z who seems to be randomly finger painting his rock monster... thing.

Here are my thoughts as each makeup came up, and it turned out that after the judges including Jon Ladau totally agreed with me.  This is literally what I wrote as I watched:

House- What happened?  The paint was bad the application was bad, the prosthetic was bad... your drawing was beautiful, what did you do?!

Eric Z- Great concept of rock monster, but what they hell was that illumination?  I could have painted better... a four year old with finger paint could have done better.  Boy you missed the mark.

Anthony-  There's the guy who won all those challenges!  Flawless, lovely, great use of the luminescent paint. I am so happy to see Anthony back at the top of this game!

Kris- Awesome face piece, the illumination could have been better, but the face really makes up for a lacking paint job.

Megan-  Girl I know you were sick, but he's supposed illuminate, you weren't sick when you were painting.  You were in the hospital!  You had time to think of a concept!

Wayne-  Even though he rushed and could have done more with paint, I think the concept is amazing  I love the creature as a whole, especially the face which I think was insane!

Eric F-  My dad called it, that shit looked like Odo from Star Trek.  But I have to say the illumination paint was lovely.  And in case you don't know what Odo looks like, here you go:

Anthony won this challenge by a mile.  His work was the only one with a distinct bioluminescent nature.  There was duality that provided beauty and though the face sculpt was a little like Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean, I didn't mind because at the end of the day he nailed the challenge.

Our losers, well, Megan was obvious to go home, and I really don't think it had anything to do with her being sick.  She really never had any cool or original ideas.  She may be good at make up, but concept design is a huge part of being a makeup artist and if you can't come up with a reason why your character would exist well...

Eric Z was the second going home and I absolutely agree with the judges.  He had such a smart concept going in but it just didn't come to fruition.  After what happened last week with the werewolf challenge it was just his time.

So, there goes all the ladies, it's suddenly become a total sausage fest in the work room, but I am not unhappy with any of the decisions made thus far.  I just wish this season had more throw backs to other TV shows like Star Trek or DOCTOR WHO... Is it obvious that I really want a Doctor Who episode?  Also if you enjoy reading my blog, please start following me and leaving comments!  I love open discussions.