Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Doctor's New Look... meh.

So a few months ago, when Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor, I wrote a blog post about the many fashions of Doctor Who (as can be read here: http://thedefinitionofnerd.blogspot.com/2013/08/we-have-new-doctor-but-nobody-is-asking.html).  Welp, yesterday the first photo of Capaldi's costume was released.... and I was really... really underwhelmed.  And also, kind of disappointed that they released the look so early.  That's probably due to the boom in the show's popularity keeping something as simple as a costume under wraps is probably near impossible, thanks to paparazzi and off set lurkers filming with cell phones.  In fact, Capaldi's casting was leaked nearly 2 days before the big reveal (those most people wrote it off a speculation).  It's always been nice to see the Doctor carefully picking out his outfit, finding his look and debuting it to his companion.  

First off, let me say I am genuinely truly excited to see Capaldi's Doctor, as I respect him as both an actor and a fellow Whovian... but the costume.  Meh.  Maybe it's because Matt Smith gave us such and ICONIC look that following it was doomed, but Capaldi's costume seems lacking, much like Chris Eccleston's to be honest.  It's missing an a signature piece, because not much can really be said for a red silk lined black coat.  I mean, its cool, but it's no bowtie and suspenders or pinstriped suit with converse.  And speaking of converse, what are those SHOES?!  No.  It kind of looks like the Doctor, if the Doctor was Dracula... or Frankenstein.

Well, Clara seems to like it.

Maybe it's just that we haven't seen the outfit in action, flapping in the wind as the Doctor runs from his latest foe, OR they are still waiting to reveal an element of it (I'm hoping for a pocket watch or SOMETHING).  Thankfully, we have not seen what the sonic screwdriver NOR the Tardis will look like, and I pray it's something they are able to keep quiet, I would like to be surprised.

I really cannot wait for new episodes to start, I think Capaldi is going to blow us all away, even if his costume doesn't.  I also can't wait to see how Clara interacts with the "older" Doctor.  Here's to the Doctor's long x13 life!