Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Have A New Doctor, But Nobody Is Asking The Real Question: What Will He Wear?!

So this weekend it was announced that Peter Capaldi will be taking on the iconic role of the Doctor in his 12th regeneration.  Now that the question of who the new Doctor will be has been answered, a more important question as arisen:  WHAT WILL HE WEAR?!  Maybe  its just the girl in me, but the Doctor's outfit as been the defining image of each Doctor, from celery pinned to a lapel, or a really cool bowtie.  Each Doctor faces villains, and has different personality quirks, but when somebody yells out "THE FOURTH DOCTOR!" you think "ludicrously long scarf."  Why that situation would arise is beyond me, but you know 4 = scarf.  Like your favorite cartoons, the Doctor is a character whose outfit is always the same, only changing slightly between each episode (maybe a blue suit instead of a brown one, but still exactly the same suit).  So how will Doctor 12 play it, sleek and tough like 9 or absolutely batshit crazy like 6?  Lets take at 50 years of Who fashion.

THE FIRST DOCTOR:  William Hartnell

The 1st Doctor always makes me think, "this is what Dracula would look like if he was your grandpa."  With his high pointed collar and small cravat, the 1st Doctor looks a bit menacing.  That is until he has to go outside sporting a loose cloth beanie looking thing and scarf.  Maybe it's just me, but with his slicked back hair and uncomfortable looking collar, I find the first Doc creepy.

The Second Doctor:  Patrick Troughton

With a bowl cut only a mother could love (or give) and conflicting patterns between his vest and pants, the 2nd Doctor constantly looked like he just rolled out of bed.  With a teeny tiny often askew bowtie (11 wasn't the first one to think bowties were cool), a plethora of fun hats and a bizarre fur coat, I think 2's most defining fashion choice was that haircut.

The 3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee

If any Doctor's fashion embodied the time period he was in, it is easily #3.  This doctor flounced about in loudly colored velvet suits, capes and ruffled shirts WITH some sort of bowtie or cravat.  With his curly white hair, this doctor karate chopped his foes in style.  He may have been a bit of a dandy, but #3 is one Doctor I would not want to mess with.

The Fourth Doctor:  Tom Baker

One of the most iconic and easily recognized Who outfit was worn by Doctor 4.  With his dangerously long scarf and absolute mop of crazy curls, the fourth Doctor would hide his Jelly Babies in his long coat to take out at the most inconvenient times.  Going back to the cravat, this doctor often wore earthier tones, a stark contrast to his predecessors loud velvet get-ups.  Let's not forget his frumpy hat for outdoor adventures!

The Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison

The most adorable Doctor in my opinion, the fifth Doctor was always dressed to play cricket, with a sweater-vest and candy-stripped pants, he was to date probably the most fashionable of the Doctors.  Well... that would be with the exception of the inexplicable celery pinned to his lapel.  Seriously, why celery?  In a pinch it would provide little to no nutritional value.  Later, the Fifth Doctor's get up got a bit darker and a question mark was added to his collar, but pretty much this was his get up, day in and day out.

The Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker

With the exception of keeping the question marks on his collar, the 6th Doctor wore the polar opposite of muted tones of his predecessor.  What looks to be the product of a rainbow having sex with a clown, we get this rejected member of Godspell.  While I love all the Doctors, I will never understand how this crazy colorful outfit came about.  Despite the insane outfit, Baker was able to shine through, and the Doctor never lost his edge.

The Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

Taking the question mark motif to a whole new level, the clownish yet sad #7 carried a question mark umbrella while wearing a question mark sweater-vest, paired with tweed pants and some form of overcoat.  Often wearing a straw hat and some kind of loud tie, #7 was the last to carry the question mark, going out with a questionable explosion.... of gunfire.

The Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann

Rock me Amadeus!  That's what I think every time I see this Doctor.  With his strange old fashioned parted in the middle hair and 19th/18th century style, I don't get this Doctors fashion choice.  Maybe it's meant to hearken back to the 1st doctor, but when you are in the 90s and have so many great fashion choices, why would you go here?  It is a nice cravat though.

The Ninth Doctor:  Christopher Eccleston

I do, I really do love this Doctor, despite what others say, but my GOD did he have the most boring outfit.  A leather jacket is the only real iconic piece in the 9th Doctor's wardrobe.  Other than that it's black, black, black.  In a few episodes this Doctor tries to play off this boring wardrobe as fashionable in any age, but considering how his previous regenerations dress... well... yawn.

The Tenth Doctor: David Tennant

SEXY BEAST!  Oh, oh... sorry.  With his pinstripe suits, Converse, floor length over coats and occasional thick framed glasses I would call Ten, dapper as fuck.  Sorry, this Doctor just does things to me.  When I get married one day, this is how my husband will be dressed, minus the 3-d glasses of course.  Or not.  I guess it will depend on my mood.  

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith

If our reigning Doctor has taught us anything its that bowties are cool.  An so are tweed jackets, often with elbow patches, suspenders, pants that are always a little too short, lace up boots and of course,  Since the reboot, 11 is the first Doctor to wear something a bit out there.  With his kind of nerdy outfit, he is most known for his bowtie, but I have always been more into his high-water pants that show off #11's strange leg movements that make no physical sense.  With hair that defies gravity, whenever 11 wears a fez... or a stetson, it makes me a little sad.  11 you will be missed!

The Twelve Doctor: Peter Capaldi

So what will our newest member of the TARDIS wear?  Will they bring back the question marks?  Or keep it sleek and modern?  Well we go batshit clown crazy or will we keep the bowtie?  The Doctor's outfit is just as important as his companion or catch phrase.  Both 11 and 10 spent an entire SCENE picking out a new outfit.  IT. IS. IMPORTANT!  I almost wonder though... will they do a nod to Capaldi's previous stint on Who in "The Fires of Pompeii".