Sunday, August 18, 2013

Radioactive: True Blood Season Finale Pros and Cons

This is pretty much my reaction to this episode.

Well, after what was a very very disappointing lead up I didn't have much faith in this season finale.  And I was right not to.  How can such an epic show, with such and EPIC season fail so miserably in what should be it's pinnacle episode?!  They built me up just to fall so, so far!  What happened?!  How did you mess this up so so terribly!  We had something True Blood, WE HAD SOMETHING GOOD!  AND YOU BROKE IT!  Ugh I feel so much like a disappointed and unsatisfied lover.  Here are my notes, even though I really don't even want to write this


  • The scene opening with Sookie watching a grave being dug was so exciting.  I thought she was watching Warlow dig the grave they would spend the night in only to be extremely let down that it was FUCKING TERRY'S grave.  We get it, Terry died.  Then to add insult to injury Alcide shows up.  Great.
  • WHAT THE FUCK Sookie??!  Do not go for a walk with Alcide.  HE IS A BAD DOG!
  • Why are the suddenly setting setting something up between Sookie and Alcide.  They haven't even seen each other in like, 5 years.
  • Why are the suddenly WAYYYYY more daywalkers then there were in the last episode?
  • Uhhh, what was with that weird Violet/Sookie sister kiss.  I didn't even find it funny.  Or sexy.  It was just weird.
  • Ummmm.... did Warlow have a literal twinkle in his eye while he talked to Sookie about getting married.  Really?!  REALLY?!
  • How are Jason and Jessica still kind of friends and why the fuck are they playing the most awkward game of couples volleyball of all time.  No.
  • There is way to much talking in the episode.  This is a season finale!  I want action!  I want violence!  I. Want. Blood.
  • All I could thing for during the scene where Warlow was basically beating Sookie into marring him was "Well that escalated quickly."
  • As Bill and Warlow fight the most intensely boring fight that has ever been filmed all I could think was "Where' Eric."
  • Boo to Warlow dying!  There is two reasons I Boo this, 1.  That was way too early in the episode and 2.  He was a hottie hot hottie.
  • 6 months later.  How about 6 months no.
  • Oh GOD Bill wrote a book?!  No... Also... his "interview" face is a little ridiculous.
  • "Hun watchu watching."  NO!  NO!  YOU ARE NOT WITH ALCIDE!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO! NO! I am intensely angry about this.
  • WHAT!?  SAM is MAYOR?!  He can't even run a BAR!!!!!!!!!
  • Bellefleur's Bar and Grill?!  WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!  WHY!??!
  • Asking people to feed vampires is a lot to ask.  Even I would be like "No."
  • Why did Violet just walk into the barbeque, weirdly stare at Jason, and then walk out?  What did that happen?
  • Jessica's scene at Andy's was weird, especially since it happened 6 months later.
  • Why are the Hep V vampires acting like a zombie hoard.  Is True Blood trying to jump on the zombie bandwagon.  Don't do that True Blood, just don't.


  • Whenever there is a scene with random extras having sex I have to wonder how much they are getting paid.
  • Violet: I am offering you my blood.  Jason:  Yeahh but....  Violet:  TAKE IT!  It is nice to have a strong woman on this show who is in no way a victim.

  • Pam being happy to see Sookie is adorable.  
  • Warlow made a Maypole.
  • Good for you Sookie!  FINALLY remembering you have friends who love you and trying to take it slow with Warlow.
  • OH SNAP!  I knew Warlow wouldn't stay good forever, but daaayyyuuummmm.
  • Tara and Pam's relationship is perfect and the fact that Pam asks Tara to look after Willa is sweet.
  • OH!  Bill say "Sookaayy" like in the old days.  Before Lilith.
  • "Bill Compton would have walked through FIRE to save her life."  I wonder if Jessica knows that he actually did that once.
  • We are learning more about Violet.  Apparently she is 800 years old.  Good to know.
  • Adalynn "I'M LIKE, TWO WEEKS OLD!"  That's weird.
  • Violet scaring Adalynn to use her light was awesome, I really like her, "HARNESS YOUR FUCKING POWER!"
  • Oh, it's been a while since Sookie's house has been destroyed.  I forgot how nice it is to see her things get broken.
  • WOAH!  Where the fuck did Nial just come from!  That was random and yet pleasantly enjoyable.
  • YES!  Eric reading in the mountains of Sweden naked.  That is exactly what he should be doing.  Exactly.  And... oh.. OH!   DID WE JUST SEE PENIS!  PENIS!!  ERIC WILLIE!
  • Violet is my hero.  She has life/men figured out in a way I could only dream of.  I am an team Violet.
  • Jason has a vampire feeding off him and yet he is afraid of a finger stick.
  • Awwww I hated Willa, but her sisterly relationship with Tara is really cute.
  • The scene with Tara and her mom was brilliant and beautiful as Tara's mom admitted to forgetting to feed Tara as a child and then offering her blood.  But I am calling it now $10 BUCKS says that Tara's mom is a carrier of hep V.
  • "You can growl all you want bright eyes."  That may be Bill's funniest line ever.
Look, I see where True Blood is trying to go with this, obviously trying to reconnect the town vibe that got so horribly lost, but I think they have gone about it all wrong.  I am sorely dissatisfied with this episode and honestly, if I find out Eric is dead, I really am out.  I mean it.