Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some 50th Anniversary Pondering

As I am home feeling rather unwell on this Saturday night, and I can't bear to sit through the endless amount of commercials during In The Flesh (which I will post about tomorrow), I've been sitting and thinking about 50 Year Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.  Okay, it's not as sad as it sounds, I'm not literally sitting around thinking about Who, but while I was in the shower a thought occurred to me.  How can the 10th Doctor meet the 11th?  But then... some questions that I've always had about Rose could possibly be answered.  Wait I'm getting ahead of myself, lets start from the beginning of my thought process.

Okay, so my initial thought when I heard that Tennant would be reprising his role as the 10th Doctor was that we would be seeing his alternate version, human self.  You know, the one the grew out of his severed hand when Donna Noble touched?  Meta-Crisis Doctor.  The Doctor who got to grow old with Rose.  But, having seen pictures like the one above, it doesn't seem that is the case.  So, it stands to reason that when the 11th Doctor and Clara leave his time rip, they get off at the wrong time and end up face to face with his former self.  Well okay, it wouldn't be the first time... the 10th Doctor and the 5th Doctor ran into each other once:

But, in this short special, the 10th Doctor remembers this moment and knows how to fix the situation.  If the Doctor is meeting his former self in the 50th anniversary, than when he goes from 10 to 11, he would know things like a) his new regeneration is not a girl and b) he is once again not ginger.  He would probably also know how to avoid death and we would have more seasons with Tennant but that's neither here nor there.  But this situation would explained something that has always irked me.

It has always annoyed me that Rose knew that something bad was going to happen to Donna.  In the episode "Turn Left", Rose saves Donna from a Time Beetle that has rewritten the course of history.  At the end of the episode, the alternate version of Donna must sacrifice herself.  Now, throughout the season, people keep apologizing to Donna and basically telling her she is going to die.  Even River hints to Donna about her sad future, but of course River would know as she comes from the Doctor's future.  In "Turn Left," Donna is relieved, thinking that her alternate self's death is what everybody is talking about, to which Rose replies "I'm sorry."  HOW DOES SHE KNOW?!  Could it be that 11 spills the beans?  Or more likely Clara... or maybe she sees something in the time vortex?  It could finally make this plot point make sense...  Okay, yes it's highly unlikely, but I would like to think this irksome plot point would finally make sense.

I've also been discussing at length the role of John Hurt with fans.  People keep throwing around that he will be the new regeneration, but I think that is way off base.  While he is billed as The Doctor, I personally do not believe this to be a regeneration, but more of a physicalization of a  symbol.  Like in the episode "Amy's Choice," Toby Jones played a pysicalized version of all the bad inside of the Doctor... I think Hurt is playing who the Doctor was before he chose his new name.  This version obviously did something so bad that it took form in the Doctor's subconscious.  Also, whatever he did is NOT his destruction of  Gallifrey because that's not a secret.  The 11th Doctor specifically said that whatever Hurt did was a secret and everybody knows the Doctor destroyed Gallifrey to end the Time War... but what could be worse than killing your own people?

Anyway, I hope this post makes sense as I feel like crap and may be writing delusional nonsense, but I would love to hear from you.  Comments are much appreciated and I love hearing theories.