Sunday, June 23, 2013

True Blood: The Sun Pros and Cons (spoilers)

True Blood fans!  Could it be?  Could it be... a good season?  I am so full of hope!  Maybe it's all the vampire bible talk, but I feel uplifted.  I feel like the women at church in the show's opening!   Characters that normally irritate me to no end, only slightly annoy me (I'm looking at you Nora) and characters I wanted to die now have my permission to live (I'm mis-quoting Bane to you Tara).  Now, since the show still has far to many characters and plot lines, I've decided to do this whole season as a list of pros and cons for each episode, otherwise I'd be up all night writing this thing.  So, here it goes, pros and cons of "The Sun":

  • Sookie's Fairy Godfather!  One of the characters from the books I was praying would come to the show and he is finally here!  I was hoping Amelia from the books would make an appearance as Sookie's witch friend who gets it on with Pam, but I will settle for Pop-pop fairy.  Not really sure about the Doctor Who looking outfit he has going on though.  
  • You can see Lilith's merkin through her dress.  That merkin is epic.
  • The blood hooker scene was one of the most interesting acts of violence on the show since Bill twisted Lorena's head around while anger banging her.  
  • Whenever Eric pretends to be somebody else I giggle and clap my hands like a little girl.  His portrayal of a nerdy bird fanatic was epic.  Anytime Eric is in costume acting like a loser I am all in.  I love you Alexander Skarsgard.  We should have half Swedish half Italian babies together.
  • Jason said Boba Fett.
  • There is finally a good explanation about the Warlow/Sookie's family bloodline story.  Even if it is a little lame that Sookie's family is the original fairy bloodline, cheesiness has always been one of the best parts of the show.
  • That Dracula-esque moment between Eric and the Mayor's daughter was both beautiful and epic.
  • The "They're all going to burn" cliffhanger makes me want to keep watching.
  • Why are Alrene and Terry still dealing with the Patrick plot line.  The Afrit thing was the worst thing to ever happen to True Blood.  JUST LET IT DIE ALREADY!
  • Great.  Another new character who isn't from the books.  While Sookie does date other people in the books, its a WERETIGER... not another fairy.  A WERETIGER.  
  • What happened to the bleeds?  Like half the vampires in this episode were up all day and not ONE of them had the bleeds.  WTF?  Did we just get rid of that plot point orrr...?
  • I fucking HATE Andy's plot.  I. HATE. IT.
  • How the hell does the government make special UV bullets and contacts to stop glamoring, but don't know vampires fly?
  • When did the werewolves become so fucking trashy?  I really don't care if the all die.  I am over the wolves.
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